4-Day Accredited Individual Lash Tech Course

Become a Russian Lash Tech. Includes High-Def Technique Brow Tinting & Shaping….

Earn €60 in 1 hour working as a lash technician in 2023.

Are you on a social welfare payment?

Are you a nail tech or beauty therapist and want to open a whole new means of revenue? Add lashes to your treatment list and earn up-to €60 per hour as a lash tech.

Did you know there is a grant worth €1000 per year for you to spend on accredited courses?

Do you want to earn up to €45 per 45 minutes as a lash tech?

Would you like to rescission-proof your family by learning a new skill that you can earn from immediately?

Would you like to upskill and start a new career?

Do you need your work to fit around a busy lifestyle?

Sick of the 9-5 rat race?

Course Duration: 4 weeks
Cost: 670 (Ask about grant availability)
You will receive a FREE Professional Kit worth €195
Day: Tuesdays from 10 am-1 pm for 4 weeks
Evening: Tuesdays from 6 pm – 9 pm (On the same dates) for 4 weeks
Next Start Date: June 27th for 4 weeks
Next Start Date: July 25th for 4 weeks
Next Start Date: Sep 19th for 4 weeks

Call for 1:1 tuition and group start dates

Contact: Deborah 0877998915 or DM on FB or email: info@aintnailz.ie

Combine the Russian lash technique and high-def brow tinting & shaping qualification to increase your earnings.

Earn up to €90 in 90 minutes as a Lash and Brow tech…

We use the plumping collagen lip mask and under-eye mask masks, turning your lash treatment into a luxurious experience for your clients.

The course consists of the following:
  • 4/6-week individual eyelash extension technique
  • 2-week Russian Lash extension technique
  • Consultation form.
  • Disclaimer form.
  • Aftercare advice form.
  • Removal techniques.
  • Building the portfolio of 10 completed eyelash extension treatments, containing before & after pictures, completed consultation, disclaimer, and aftercare advice forms.

Tips for high-def brow tinting technique & shaping/waxing the eyebrow to make a fuller more youthful thicker brow.

Week 1: You will learn

-Theory notes, including eye diseases & disorders, consultation, disclaimer, and aftercare advice forms & much more

-Safe use of your pointed tweezers

-Separating the natural lashes.

-Careful safe use of professional lash glue.

-Taping down the bottom lashes

-Separating the lashes

-4/6-week individual eyelash extension technique

Week 2: You will learn

-2-week Russian Lash extension technique



-Disclaimer/aftercare/consultation forms

Week 3: You will learn

-Application of a full set of lashes in industry-standard timing.

-Demo in High-def Technique Brow Tinting & Shaping….

-Tips and Hints on shaping, correcting, and tinting brows

Week 4: You will learn

-Practical exam of the application of a full set of Russian Lashes. Brow tink & shape demo.

Also Provided for you:

Consultation Forms

Aftercare Advice Forms

Disclaimer Forms

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