1-Day Accredited Dip-Acrylic Nail Tech Course

1-Day Accredited Dip-Acrylic Nail Tech Course

Complete a full set of dip acrylic nail extensions in 35 minutes!

Is your time important to you? Apply a full set of dip-acrylic extensions in just 35 mins.

Do you want to double your earnings? Earn up to €40 per 35 mins using SoFine dip-acrylic.

Would you like to rescission-proof your family by learning a new skill that you can earn from immediately?

Would you like to upskill? Time is money and when you can complete a full set of extensions in 35 mins, you can double your clients for the week.

Do you want happy, loyal returning clients? Our clients are busy and time is precious, cutting down work time on nails is a win-win for everyone.

Course Duration: 1 Day
Cost: €100 (Ask about grant availability) (This fee includes a full professional kit) SoFine dip-acrylic kit content:15ml SoFine dip-acrylic powder, Resin, 60ml SoFine dip-acrylic activator.
Day: Tuesdays from 10 am-1 pm for 1 Day
Evening: Tuesdays from 6 pm – 9 pm (On the same dates) for 1 Day
Next Start Date: June 27th for 1 Day
Next Start Date: July 25th for 1 Day
Contact: Deborah 0877998915 or DM on FB or email: info@deborahsnails

Up Skilling Nail Technician Course

Add to your skill set by adding the dip acrylic technique to your treatment list. Earn up to €40 in 35 minutes as a nail technician.

Complete a full set of dip acrylic nail extensions in just 35 minutes!

ite to make unique and perfectly sharp smile line. Including the shapes: Stiletto, Coffin, lipstick, and Almond shapes Classes are both fun and practical. Here you can meet fellow students, have one-on-one time with your tutor, can get help with any queries you might have.

Social media interaction:

Social media interaction with your tutor and group via private group messaging. Where you can share concerns, pictures and ask questions on a dedicated Facebook private group page.

Documents available for you to download at any time:

  • Client consultation form – Nail Technology
  • Disclaimer client information
  • Aftercare advice sheet

Practical work:

  • Use of liquid activator, and precaution to take
  • Use of resin, and precautions to take. Do’s & don’t’s
  • Application of the super-fine dip acrylic powder
  • Application permanent French tip super-fine dip acrylic powder
  • Refill
  • Removal procedure
  • Repairing a broken nail
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