1-Day Fully Accredited Dip-Acrylic Nail Technology Course

(Complete a full set of dip acrylic nail extensions in 35 minutes!)

Venue: 1 evening class online
Cost: €100 (Ask about grant availability)

(This fee includes complete professional kit) Your professional student SoFine dip-acrylic kit content:15ml SoFine dip-acrylic powder, Resin, 60ml SoFine dip-acrylic activator, 125ml gel cleanse, 125ml tip remover, 125ml antiseptic, 200 tips, tip clippers, glue, 5 180/180 grit files, 5 orange sticks, 5 white buffing blocks, lint-free wipes, steal cuticle pusher, cosmetic beauty bag

Day: Thursday 6 pm-8 pm. Email info@deborah for dates.
Contact: Deborah 0877998915 or DM on Facebook

Up Skilling Nail Technician Course

Add to your skill set by adding the dip acrylic technique to your treatment list. Earn up to €40 in 35 minutes as a nail technician.

Complete a full set of dip acrylic nail extensions in just 35 minutes!

Your tutor will demonstrate from the beginner stages of preparing the natural nail, applying tips to producing top-class, natural, durable sculptured cover pink Dip Acrylic Nail extensions. Including n

Upskill mastering techniques for perfect and quick prep to prevent lifting, apply the nail tip to perfectly fit with the natural nail, create competition-style smile lines making your client’s nail slim and chic, and create your free edge with white to make unique and perfectly sharp smile line. Including the shapes: Stiletto, Coffin, lipstick, and Almond shapes Classes are both fun and practical. Here you can meet fellow students, have one-on-one time with your tutor, can get help with any queries you might have.

Social media interaction:

Social media interaction with your tutor and group via private group messaging. Where you can share concerns, pictures and ask questions on a dedicated Facebook private group page.

Your professional kit:

Create the elegant popular plain pink nail extension or form a perfect nail bed for French tips, boulevard pink gel is perfect. Boulevard pink gel is hypoallergenic and has primer built-in, so there is no need for harmful priming products that dry out your nails. It is ideal for even the most sensitive client.

Perfect your own competition-style smile lines that are perfectly sharp with our french bright white gel. It is bright white in colour for a dramatic perfectly sharp, deep competition-style smile line.

Documents available for you to download at any time:

  • Client consultation form – Nail Technology
  • Disclaimer client information
  • Aftercare advice sheet

Your course notes include:

  • Structure and function of the nail
  • Structure of the bones of the hand & forearm/foot
  • Nail anatomy sample exam questions and answers
  • Nail Disorders
  • Nail disease and disorder sample exam questions and answers
  • Professionalism related to Beauty/Complementary or Sports Therapy and explaining the appropriate professional
  • Preparation – student prepares herself and the client for professional treatment

Practical work:

Use of liquid activator, and precaution to take
Use of resin, and precautions to take. Do’s & don’t’s
Application of the super-fine dip acrylic powder
Application permanent French tip super-fine dip acrylic powder
Removal procedure

Popular shapes: Stiletto, Coffin, lipstick, Almond shapes
Repairing a broken nail
Professional shaping: square, squoval, oval, stiletto, coffin shapes.

Items you will need at home:

  • Table (preferably with drawers to store your products that are sensitive to sunlight)
  • 2 chairs (preferably an ergonomic chair for yourself to protect your back) Tech Tip*** Always mind your back! Your chair should be at the
  • right height, so that your knees and hips are at right angles.
  • table lamp with a bulb at least 60watts of white light
  • tissues
  • cotton buds
  • cotton tips
  • metal bin with a self-closing lid and bin bag inside
  • small glass bowl
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