1-Day Accredited E-File Course

1-Day Accredited E-File Course

Course Content: 

Learn these revolutionary new techniques, working with your e-file can improve your timing and cut your laborious filling time in half.

This E-File training programme is addressed to both beginners and experienced nail technicians alike. As a nail Tech, work safely with the e-file and learn what the different drill bits are for, how they are used, and when they are required. 

Course Duration: 1 Day
Cost: €100 (Ask about grant availability).
Day: Tuesdays from 10 am-1 pm for 1 Day
Evening: Tuesdays from 6 pm – 9 pm (On the same dates) for 1 Day
Next Start Date: June 27th for 1 day
Next Start Date: July 25th for 1 day

Contact: Deborah 0877998915 or DM on FB or email: info@deborahsnails

Topics Covered in the course:

– Electric file construction

  • Types of electric file bits and their purpose
  • Different techniques of working with an e-file
  • Refining and shaping gel layers 
  • Removing bulk/gel layers
  • Reducing the length of a nail/nail extension
  • Use the electric file to speed up your gel removal time
  • Cuticle preparation with a teardrop and cylinder-shaped e-file bits
  • How to properly and safely clean your electric file drill and drill bits
  • Speed up your treatment times and of course – maximise your profits.
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