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Deborah Whelan

Owner & Professional Nail Technician is an ITEC and CITBAC-trained Beauty Therapist and Nail Tech. She has 20 years of experience in the beauty industry.

In addition, she completed QQI Level 6 Training Needs & Identification, QQI Level 6 Training Delivery & Evaluation, and Level 7 Bachelor Degree in Learning and Development Practices at UCC.

I love nothing more than encouraging my students to continue their education.

The Advanced Institute of Nail Technology ‘AINT’ was established in 2001. AINT is currently responsible for training groups of students in Community Colleges, FAS Colleges, and Private Colleges Nationwide. AINT was nominated for ‘Innovator of the Year’ and ‘Training Institute of the Year’ at the IBPA Irish Professional Beauty Association Awards.

Course Director Deborah Whelan was on the judging panel with the president of the Irish Beauty Professional Association (IBPA) in judging the nail Technician of the year. We won the silver title of Irish Nail Champions at the Irish Nail Championships.

Fully Accreditated Courses

Accredited none-NFQ training provider of training in Ireland and the UK
When you choose one of our fully accredited courses, you can be confident that we provide the highest quality training. This also guarantees that you can get insurance for your new career.
As a non-NFQ training provider, this means anyone receiving a Social Welfare payment can avail of the Technical Support Grant worth 1,000 euros to pay for any of our fully accredited courses


The final step after graduating your nail course is connecting with your new customer base. Our web designers have designed unique web brochure templates for successful AINT graduates, these web brochures are designed for students to project a professional image of their new business.

Here we link your Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and LinkedIn accounts centrally. Your new clients can visit your unique web brochure, follow all your social media links and price lists, and learn about you and your qualifications.


Having spent 21 years in the beauty industry, training thousands of students to become Nail Techs. Empowering women through education and helping many get back earning on a self-employed basis or gaining employment in nail bars etc.

AINT has developed a full range of professional nail kits with training manuals available for professional use. AINTNAILZ integrates top-quality materials and years of experience in education – into one product family.

We care about the environment, all our liquid bottle containers are recyclable and refillable. We are 90% paperless, all your notes are uploaded to an easily accessible platform or emailed, then we go through them in class together. But, if you prefer paper notes, we can do that too, some people like to have notes in their hands to learn and we totally respect that too.


Our development engineers have carefully selected only the best quality ingredients and products to allow you to concentrate on the things most important to you, such as producing top-quality nails for your clients every time. We appreciate how hard it is to build a client base and stay ahead of competitors. That’s why we promise you that we have done our research so that you can work worry-free, and confident that our quality assurance will always back you.


The duration of your course is from 1 to 12 days. So, you can decide how much time you can invest in your new career. Your first session is an informal meet-and-greet and introductory to the layout of your course.

Here you can meet fellow students, have one-on-one time with your tutor, and get help with any queries you might have.

Following that, your tutor will demonstrate from the beginner stages of preparing the natural nail, applying tips to producing top-class, natural, durable gel, and sculptured acrylic nail extensions.

Master perfect and quick prep techniques to prevent lifting, apply the nail form to perfectly fit with the natural nail, create competition-style smile lines making your clients nail slim and chic, create a free edge with white to make unique and perfectly sharp smile line.

Your classes are both fun and practical.


Continue to educate yourself with our masterclasses. Attend any of our master class workshops in the new and exciting “nail biter system,” Our SuperFine dip acrylic system. Continue to update your skills with our sculpturing Xtreme nail shapes workshop courses in – Marilyn, Stiletto and Russian almond, Edge, Pipe, and Gothic Almond shapes.


We want to continue working with you, give you additional opportunities after your training, and become a distributor; when you have expert product knowledge, why not spread the word…. talk with local salons and product suppliers about stocking AINT products. Earn 20% on all your orders, receive cash into your bank account the next day


Because fairness, equality, transparency, and professionalism are at the heart of our training procedures. We have developed all policies and procedures, and make them available to both learners and tutors. Documents available for learners – Learner Handbook Data Protection Documents available for Tutors – Quality Assurance Documents – Application Form Access Interview Application for Reasonable Accommodation Daily Roll Tutor Pre-Programme Planning Lesson Plans Mid-Way Meeting Progression Pathways Progression Review Form Assessment Portfolio Checklist


I genuinely recommend the innovators, products, courses, and events by heart – and especially the team spirit and success philosophy to everyone.

Thank you for your trust, and we will work even harder in the next 10 years to keep you contented with our materials and tools to stay your trustworthy partner.

The nail innovator
Deborah Whelan
Beauty Expert and Advisor

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