Eyelash Extension Training Kit – Set 2

Eyelash Extension Training Kit – Set 2




This Training Kit contains all of the essential products you will need to start your own eyelash extension business.

The total value of these items if purchased individually on our website would be over £170.00 – we are offering this kit for £109.95 including shipping – a discount of more than 30%.

Of course as you gain more experience and Clients you can build on your training kit and increase the range of products and eyelashes you have available for your Clients (we have a full range of eyelash extensions and products on our website for you to chose from – all with free shipping).

Our IntermediateTraining Kit provides you with the following items:-

– 4 Eyelash Trays:-

1 x Mixed Length C Curl Tray 0.15mm thickness SILK

1 x Mixed Length D Curl tray 0.15mm thickness SILK

1 x Mixed Length C Curl tray 0.20mm thickness SILK

1 x Mixed Length D Curl tray 0.20mm thickness SILK

If you would like to exhange for other sizes/curls just let us know) (similar trays will be sent if above are not available).

– Super Sensitive Adhesive 5ml (EU Manufactured)

– ‘Gel’ Type Glue Remover 15ml bottle (Eyeluvlashes Brand)

– Primer 15ml (use before application to remove any dust/oils from the natural lashes) (Eyeluvlashes Brand)

– Eyeluvlashes Coating Clear Sealant

– Small Size Air Blower

– 100 Disposable Mascara Brushes

– Jade Stone

– 10 Pairs of Slimline Lint Free Eye Gel Pads

– 3 Micropore Tape

– I Type Tweezers (pink)

– F Type Tweezers (pink)

– Mini Lash Foam Cleanser

– Lash Foam Brush (Gold/White)

– 50 Client Aftercare Cards (to hand to Clients after the procedure)

– 50 Client Record Cards (used to maintain details of each Client, name,address,lashes used etc)

– Pack of 100 Microbrushes (used with primer or glue remover)

– Eyeluvlashes Carry Case



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