CRAZY FANS Eyelash Extension Tray (MIX LENGTH) EASY FANS 16 Lines

CRAZY FANS Eyelash Extension Tray (MIX LENGTH) EASY FANS 16 Lines



DD CURL NOW AVAILABLE. Volume 0.05mm or 0.07mm, Choose either 8-15mm or 11-14mm Lengths – C, CC, D Curls.


CRAZY FAN lashes allow you to create a Fan quickly and easily. These lashes have the slightest adhesive bond at the base of the lashes which enables them to hold together when you create your fan and pick them from the strip.

Ideal for Technicians who find the volume technique difficult or time consuming and also perfect for those that have mastered the volume technique but would like to work at a quicker place.

Why not use together with our Volume Drop Dot to ensure your fans are perfected before applying.

MIX LENGTHS 8mm-15mm Tray:-

8mm – 1 Line

9mm – 1 Line

10mm – 2 Lines

11mm – 3 Lines

12mm – 3 Lines

13mm – 3 Lines

14mm – 2 Lines

15mm – 1 Line

MIX LENGTHS 11mm-14mm Tray:-

11mm – 4 Lines

12mm – 4 Lines

13mm – 4 Lines

14mm – 4 Lines

Our Crazy Fan Lashes do not contain any Latex or Formaldehyde, are Cruelty Free and Vegan.

100% PBT Fiber Synthetic Lashes. 



0.05mm, 0.07mm, 8-15mm, Width






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