Brow Mapping Tape

Brow Mapping Tape



Product Description

1. Quick Draw Brow: The process of drawing eyebrow shapes is faster and more accurate than that of scribing pen and scribing blade, and can draw delicate eyebrow shape.

2. Applicable People: Microblading string is suitable for all eyebrow designers and beginners, and can design more symmetrical and 3D eyebrows.

3. Winding Design: Brow mapping string has a length of 32.8ft, which is small and durable. Take as much as you need, which is simple and convenient.

4. 3 Colors: Measuring brow string is pure and bright in color, with clear lines and obvious positioning, which is convenient for distinguishing marks.

5. Easy To Clean: Eyebrow mapping string can be cleaned with wet wipes or alcohol cotton, leaving no trace, reducing eyebrow design time, and improving brow technician to work efficiency.

Specification: Item Type: Brow mapping string Material: Liquid Eyebrow String Length: Approx. 10m / 32.8ft Ink Capacity: 5ml/ box Ink Color: Black, white, pink

Storage: Please store in a cool and dry place, and seal the packaging bag when not in use.

PackageList: 1 xBrow Mapping String in white




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